This Halloween, it will be 14 years since classic Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini died. We've already got Nine in the works -- a musical adaptation of , which will be directed by Rob Marshall. But that's not all -- we're about to get a new Fellini film, and no, it isn't a documentary; it's fresh material that has yet to hit the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter posts that word has come from the second RomaCinemaFest that Viaggio a Tulum (Voyage to Tulum) will finally make its way to the screen under documentary director Marco Bartoccioni -- to begin production in January.

Tulum was a piece Fellini wrote in 1985; however, while it was adapted by Tullio Pinelli and published as a book, it never got the cameras rolling. The project focuses on Fellini's trip to Mexico to meet Carlos Castaneda, a famous mystic known for his controversial practices and shamanism. Production will be split between Mexico and Rome's Cinecitta Studios, for a crisp budget of at least $5 million; Tulum's backers say that half the funding has been secured, and that most of it has come from the Mexican government and Mexican investors. I imagine that some Fellini-files will step on board soon enough to top off the budget. The January start date will be the twentieth, which would have been Fellini's 88th birthday. I haven't read the piece myself, so I ask you out there, big Fellini fans who've read Voyage to Tulum -- are you ready to see it finally hit the big screen?
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