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A few indie films are opening theatrically today. They're mostly just in New York and L.A. for now, but you can keep an eye out for when they come to where you are. Or you can take a road trip to see them! Wouldn't that be fun?

O Jerusalem is about a friendship between a Jew and an Arab, set against the historical backdrop of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It opens today on a cluster of screens in New York and New Jersey.

Wristcutters: A Love Story has been kicking around since it debuted at Sundance way back in January 2006. Cinematical's Karina Longworth gave it a warm welcome at the time, and I agree with her. The problem, of course, is the title and the subject matter: The film is a quirky romantic comedy set in an afterlife populated by souls who died via suicide. Whee! Anyway, it's finally opening today in New York. Go see it!

Weirdsville is what our Monika Bartyzel called "Harold and Kumar meets Bubble Boy." Well, why not? It stars Wes Bentley and Scott Speedman and comes from Allan Moyle, director of Pump Up the Volume and Empire Records. Befitting its weird title, it has a weird release pattern, opening today in Portland, San Francisco, L.A., and Atlanta.

After the jump, festivals and special screenings in Oregon, Indianapolis, L.A., New York, Orlando, Sacramento, and Toronto....
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