Halloween is on the way, as if you hadn't noticed with all the cool Halloween related content here on Cinematical (and if you really haven't, check it out right here), and it's got me hankering for trailers that complement this weirdest of holidays. In honor of the Halloween season, we're getting weird...

The Eye
We've been hearing about Jessica Alba's remake of the Hong Kong horror flick Jian Gui for awhile now, and the trailer is finally out. Alba plays a woman who can see the supernatural world after she is given an eye transplant to restore her sight. There's no dialogue, only a collection of scenes set to music, so it's hard to get a read on this one. Alba has a certain cool quotient for her role in Sin City, but she also appeared in Good Luck Chuck, proving her taste in projects is not flawless, and the fact that The Eye was scripted by the same guy who gave us Gothika disturbs me deeply. I'm always game for something creepy, but I'll have to see more before deciding if this is worth the ticket price. Here's Patrick's take on the trailer.

An Australian flick in which angels in the service of light battle fallen angels for control of purgatory, and apparently they do so with martial arts and guns. Hmmm. Apparently they left this part out when I attended Sunday school. Purgatory is portrayed as a contemporary city and the forces of darkness are currently in control. Gabriel is an archangel seeking to regain control of the city This is more than a little reminiscent of The Prophecy in which Christopher Walken played the archangel Gabriel, and the influence of Underworldis pretty obvious. Still, this looks like it could be pretty cool.