When Woody Allenconfirmed the title for his Spanish pic, Midnight in Barcelona, in June, he said that it was his first title, and that it could possibly get changed down the line. Well, now it has been changed, and it leads me to wonder what on earth he could possibly be thinking. While his first choice is no epic grouping of words, it's decent, and gives an idea of what the film is about. However, The Hollywood Reporter has just posted that Allen will be changing it to...wait for it... Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

I understand changing around the title. Sometimes, the title just isn't quite right, or you get a flash of genius and come up with something much, much better. While I know Allen is getting on in years, has some sort of insanity set in? Who dumps "Midnight in Barcelona" for "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"? At this rate, since it's a "love letter to Barcelona," he might as well just add "Dear" in front of it. Heck, it would even make sense if he changed it to "Dear Barcelona."

I even googled it to see if it was some specific reference to something in Spain, but it seems to just be something from Allen's moviemaking mind. Is it the name of star Scarlett Johansson? It isn't Penélope Cruz's name, as IMDb lists her as "María Elena." Is it a special nickname made by the male lead, Javier Bardem? Who knows. Obviously, I'm not too thrilled about the name switch, and I'm wearing a face similar to the one up there to the right, but how about you? Should he have changed it? Do you like the new title?
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