Oh man, this looks cool. There's a new trailer out for Frank Darabont's adaptation of the Stephen King novella The Mist, and you can check it out over at Yahoo. The novella first saw print in 1980 in a multi-author horror anthology called Dark Forces edited by Kirby McCauley, but probably reached its biggest audience as part of Skeleton Crew, a collection of King's stories. Those who have read the story will have plenty of ah-ha moments as the trailer bolsters the notion that the movie will be pretty darn faithful to King.

The story concerns residents of a small town trapped in a grocery store by an unnatural fog. To their horror they soon realize there are all sorts of things living in the mist, and this new trailer gives an up close and personal look at some of them, including some bat-winged gargoyle type thingies, insects too big to fear any bug zapper, and tentacles of unknown origin. When I first read The Mist I remember thinking the monsters were like something H.P. Lovecraft would have created, and sure enough these critters fit the bill. The scene with the soldier seems to be taking some artistic license, but I have to say I think the change is an improvement, providing a more believable bit of exposition. The trailer ends with several characters looking up at something with shock and horror, and I found myself cursing the fact that I will have to wait until the film opens on November 21 before finding out what they're looking at.