Cinematical was lucky enough to visit the set of Fighting last night in New York City, where Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard were shooting scenes for the new drama directed by Dito Montiel (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints). It was a night shoot, and so this writer didn't leave the set until close to one in the morning (which was their lunch!), but before I bounced home to my bed, I managed to speak with Tatum for a bit about the role, and other -- more superhero-ish stuff -- that might be in store for the actor down the line. Of course, the first thing we were wondering was whether Tatum was among those who auditioned for the new Justice League of Americamovie.

Has he been approached to play any superhero roles? Tatum said, "Yeah, yeah, I mean a few, a few -- I don't know, I just can't quite see myself as that yet. I like that, and eventually one day I'd like to do it; I just don't want to do it yet." Did he audition for any of the Justice League roles? "No, none of the Justice League. The only superhero I've ever auditioned for was Gambit, for the third X-Men. They ended up pulling the character out of the movie. I don't know, someone told me about a crazy He-Man thing -- I don't know, I can't quite figure it out. I need to really want it. I can only go after something that I really want bad."

Tatum also revealed that there is one superhero-ish project that he is working on: "There is a hero thing that I'm actually producing. It's called Plucker. It's a graphic novel by Brom, and I got it set up at Temple Hill, and it's now set up at New Line -- it's going to be a crazy sort of fantastical story about a jack-in-the-box that saves this boy. It's a weird, sort of darker, trippier version of Toy Story." When asked if it would be animated or live action, Tatum replied, "I don't know, we have to find a director that has a vision for it first."

Could you see Channing Tatum in any superhero roles? If so, which ones?

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