Our own Matt Bradshaw does a great job of compiling and commenting on the latest and maybe not so greatest for Cinematical's Trailer Park, but what if you want to see trailers for movies that are not coming soon to a theater near you? What if you have a hankering to see Jean Claude Van Damme speaking Japanese, or the latest North Korean action movie, or a jeans commercial by an acclaimed Thai director? Then you've come to the right post, my friends. Dive into a collection of clips that are nothing but silly movie-related fun.
  • Rumble Boy came and went in the Philippines earlier this year without causing any kind of international, er, rumble, but I dig the vibe: Fast and the Furious meets Final Destination 2 meets special effects that were state of the art back in 1987. Check out the trailer: "It's showtime!"
  • Who knew North Korea was producing action movies? Watch this clip, taken from a Japanese news program; the action looks fairly decent. Then read the accompanying post, in which it's explained that the film is evidently "an anti-Japanese propaganda epic" which appears to demonstrate that "Kim Jong-Il really wants his people to dislike the Japanese." Oh. Maybe the movie's not so cool after all. (Via Japan Probe)
  • Jackie Chan may not have understood the "American humor" in his Rush Hour films, but that didn't keep him from cashing his paychecks. Perhaps he understands Japanese humor better? His latest commercial for a vitamin company translates well, even if you don't speak the language. (Featuring the very cute Aya Ueto; via Japan Probe)
  • And now for something completely different. Released earlier this year, Yellow Tears featured five members of the pop band Arashi in the adaptation of a manga classic by Shinji Nagashima. Young men in 1960s Japan cross paths and "forge a unique bond while pursuing their individual dreams." The trailer is relaxed and refreshing. (Via Nippon Cinema)