There's lots of things you could sniff. You could take a whiff of some leftover food in your fridge or something brewing on the stove, or sniff your shoes, some flowers, a good-lookin' lady or gentleman, a steaming cup of coffee... If you're into movies, you could sniff some murderous tendencies in Tom Tykwer's Perfume, or some newsprint like the scentedMr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium ads. Or some Mistral. Variety reports that Wind Dancer Films is suffering from an itchy nose, ready for Mistral -- "a romantic fable about the power of scent."

Matt Williams, the director of Where the Heart Is, who also penned a number of episodes for The Cosby Show, Home Improvement, and Roseanne, is going to direct the feature, from a script by Brett Hershey and Matt Tilker. It seems that Tilker met a master perfumer in France, and the film will be loosely-based on that encounter, and reference the "seasonal Mistral wind in Provence."

Sure, this has its possibilities, and it could be a good movie, but all I can think of is Mistress of Spices. The film was pretty much ignored, it doesn't even have a review page on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb readers give it 5.5/10, and I see a ton of copies of it in the used bins every time I go on a hunt for cheap DVDs. Spices weren't enough to woo audiences, so I wonder how Mistral will differentiate itself. How will Williams make scents that we can't smell alluring on the big screen? Will we get smellovision? Probably not, but one can dream. Well, dream as long as the smellovision isn't filled with stinky, sharp, old-lady perfume.
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