The writing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer got their big break on the 1996 spoof Spy Hard, and then hit it extra-big when their Scary Movie made so much cash. Since then the team has given us Date Movie and Epic Movie -- comedies so bad it makes me wonder if Aaron and Jason are trying to become the Uwe Boll of the comedy genre. Well, they're back. And get this: They're spoofing 300. By mixing it with You Got Served. Already I can feel the groans forming.

Originally called Hunting and Fishing, the duo's latest glued-together project is now known as Meet the Spartans. And if you brace yourself for something truly painful, you can check out the trailer for the movie right here. And people say the Saw flicks are torture. Trying watching Date Movie and Epic Movie back-to-back and then try doing some tough algebra problems. Or forming a sentence. Starring in this inevitably woeful display* are Kevin Sorbo, Carmen Electra, Sean Maguire, Diedrich Bader and Method Man. Fox seems to have wedged this thing into a November 30 release slot, but I have another suggestion: Never.

(* Generally I hate being THIS negative when we're talking about a flick I haven't seen yet -- but seriously. Go watch Date and Epic and then tell me I'm wrong.)
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