For months I had been checking the Once More with Feeling Sing Along rss feed, waiting for the word "Toronto" to pop up, eternally hopeful that at some point I'd get some Buffy with a taste of Rocky Horror. Those dreams were dashed when the project got into hot water, but now there's something to dull the pain of this loss. Yes, fellow Buffy fans, footage from Repo! The Genetic Opera has been released, and it's got some great shots of a singing Tony Head, which have sent me into a fangirl glee. To refresh your memory -- this is the genetic repossession musical that first got Paul Sorvino and Alexa Vega, and then followed with the surprise casting of Paris Hilton, and then gave us a wonderful Giles cherry when Head joined the cast as the Repo Man last month.

The song clip was screened as part of the 2007 Scream Awards, and now part of it has popped up online over at YouTube. But have no fear -- even if it gets taken down, you can see it with a much better resolution tomorrow night when the Spike channel airs the awards at 10 PM. If the clip is any indication of the whole, this should be a pretty big and successful movie. It's got a sort of dark, metal, industrial feel, and the part that is online shows Head getting ready to take back some body parts, collecting his surgical instruments and throwing on an ominous costume while belting out some lyrics along with other fellow cast members. Oh, the beauty! And oh, how I wish I could watch this sucker be put together. Bloody Disgusting, however, did (lucky b*stards!), and has been gathering a decent collection of information. But best of all - we won't have too long to wait to see it -- the movie is set to be released on April 25 of next year!

[via Horror-Movies]