After the girls, James Bondtheme songs are probably one of the hallmarks of the franchise. Yahoo! music is reporting that the Finnish metal band, H.I.M are the front runners to record the theme for Bond 22. According to Yahoo's report, Bond composers David Arnold and Don Black "were allegedly impressed by the band's track 'Wings Of A Butterfly.'" Yahoo! reports that sources told The Daily Star, "David Arnold and Don Black were in deep conversation with [frontman] Ville on the night. They love the song that won him an award. They think he has just the right ear to write a classic Bond hit with them." H.I.M was formed in 1992 and has released six-full length albums, one of which earned them the distinction of being the first Finnish band to go gold in the US.

It might just be me, but what is with the 'hard rock' themes? I was a big fan of Casino Royale; unfortunately, Chris Cornell's contribution to the soundtrack wasn't exactly my idea of a quality Bond theme. Although to be fair, it did snag an award for "Best Original Song Written Directly For A Film". So while I fully get that they are trying to go in for a more "macho" theme for the new Bond, I'm just not convinced that metal power ballads are the way to go. As Bond fans are well aware, Bond 22 is still in production and updates have been few and far between. Although, there is still the off chance of a delay since script-polisher Paul Haggis hinted to Empire magazine that there were some serious re-writes on the way (fingers crossed that they have axed some of the more comical material). Since this is all just speculation, stay tuned for Bond updates as they come our way.
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