I don't think I have to remind you that we here at Cinematical are big Zooey Deschanel fans. I'd say 'yes' to watching anything she's in, and that includes the brand new role announced this morning. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Zooey will be starring alongside Jim Carrey as his romantic interest in the new comedy Yes Man, for Warners Bros. and Village Roadshow. There's a bit of an age difference there, as Zooey is 27 and Carrey is 45, but who's really paying attention? Bradley Cooper has already signed on to play Carrey's best friend in the movie, which will begin shooting (I assume) within the next couple months.

Based on the memoir of a guy who actually did this (his name was Danny Wallace), Carrey will play a dude who decides he wants to change his life, and in doing so commits himself to saying 'yes' to everything. Of course, hilarity shall ensue. Zooey's stock is slowly starting to rise; she just wrapped shooting M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening, where she stars opposite Mark Wahlberg (playing his wife). Apart from also doing a relatively short stint on the TV show Weeds, Zooey will return to the small screen for the Sci Fi channel miniseries Tin Man. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing her in everything. Is that possible? To just give her a small role in every movie that comes out? Directed by Peyton Reed (The Break-Up), I'd expect Yes Man to arrive in theaters at some point this summer.

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