So the second trailer is out for Tim Burton'sSweeney Todd, and it might be an international version, though I'm not entirely sure. Either way, it's slightly different from the first trailer in that there's no musical element whatsoever. You'll remember that the last trailer featured a brief and random scene of Johnny Depp singing in the street. It was odd and out of place, but at least it told us that there would be some singing in the film (since, ya know, it's based on a musical). Now, however, all of the singing has been taken out ... and we're left with a trailer for a movie that's based on a musical but isn't looking to incorporate any of those song and dance tunes just yet.

That being said, I still think the film looks great. It's dark, sinister, and based on the last shot that we see, there's a chance for at least a little gore. I imagine they're keeping the musical stuff out until the next trailer? I don't know, part of me feels they won't touch on it at all. Another part of me is scared they've removed it all for fear audiences won't go near the thing. For the sake of the film, I hope they give us at least one trailer that's all music. Not everyone is familiar with the Sweeney Todd property, and if the trailers remain this way, I could see a lot of folks walking out of the theater saying, "God, that sucked -- I didn't know Depp was going to break out into song and dance after he slit that guy's throat." What do you think? Will they give us at least one trailer with the music stuff in, or will they continue promoting this film as if it were just another Tim Burton movie, and not a movie-musical? Check out the trailer above; Sweeney Todd hits theaters on December 21.