After collaborating with director Bryan Singer on X2 and Superman Returns, it looks like screenwriters Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty will not be involved with the Super-sequel. According to Variety, Warner Bros. will soon be sifting through ideas from new screenwriters for the project. Despite earlier chatter that the next Superman movie would be sort of a "re-boot," the studio insists it will be a full-bore sequel with Brandon Routh returning for the title role.

Specifically why Harris and Dougherty left the project is anyone's guess -- but most likely the separation was instigated by the studio. (How often do writers "quit" from a property this huge?) No doubt they'll turn up with a few cool projects of their own. Together the guys also wrote Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, so maybe horror sequels are more their specialty. They're both directors in their own right: Harris helmed Imaginary Heroes, and Dougherty's first (a horror flick called Trick 'r Treat) is supposed to hit theaters ... eventually.

Once Singer and the studio have decided on who'll be penning the Superman sequel, you can be sure we'll let you know. Let's just hope Akiva Goldsman is swamped with work these days.
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