Well, I guess Sam Raimi wasn't kidding when he said that a third installment of The Grudge was in the works. Days after Monika gave us the heads up on the sequel, Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Toby Wilkins has been hired to direct the third part of the horror series. Wilkins is a visual effects artist who worked on the Grudge 2 tie-ins, Tales of the Grudge (kind of a lame title, so I can only hope that Raimi and company can come up with something a little better than that). Raimi has been relatively quiet on the details of the story, but if a director has been chosen it would appear that the project is well underway.

Based off the 2003 *Korean film Ju-on, the first North American Grudge film was released in 2004 with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the unlucky recipient of a supernatural curse. A sequel was released in 2005, to little fanfare, so you can't help but question the decision to make yet another one. There were four films in the original Korean series, all directed by Takashi Shimizu. Surprisingly, Shimizu will not be returning for the latest film, which seems like a smart move on his part. If you take a look at what most fans thought of the last twofilms, a third installment will likely fair even worse. Raimi's Ghost House Productions will be in charge of the film, but only after he has finished producing Drag Me to Hell with Jeff Lynch. Wilkins is set to start work on Grudge as soon as he wraps up on his other horror thriller, Splinter. The Grudge 3 is tentatively set to begin shooting January 2008.

*Correction: Japanese
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