One of the best bits in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castleis the cameo from Neil Patrick Harris. The former Doogie Howser plays himself, as a drugged-up, sex-crazed car thief. Forget the fact that lots of celebs portray themselves as sleazy or otherwise negative on shows like Entourageand Extras and it's one of those great moments in self-mockery -- up there with Roger Moore in The Cannonball Runand Gus Van Sant in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Now Harris is set to reprise his role for Harold & Kumar 2(aka -- for now? -- Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay; formerly Harold & Kumar Go to Amsterdam). He's already shown up in the first trailer (now available on the movie's official site) and now he's here on this teaser poster. As you can see, courtesy of IGN, the poster features Harris riding a unicorn. And the tagline reads, "What Would NHP NPH Do?" There's also a website listed at the bottom, for Unfortunately, as of this writing, the URL doesn't seem to be working the URL just takes you to movie's website.*

One thing that is a bit interesting about Harris' return for the sequel is that the actor has come out as being gay since the first Harold & Kumar. So, will he still be playing himself as a guy who likes female hookers? It is very possible, and will make the joke that much more exaggerated. Of course, this poster also has a hint of gay self-parody, so there's a good chance that Harris is going to mock his own coming out. Obviously it isn't a problem for the movie that Harris is now openly gay. It isn't even something necessitating discussion, and I apologize to anyone who is offended at me bringing the issue up. Knowing Harris' playful humor, though (did you know he's even done a Rifftrax commentary with Mike Nelson? Unfortunately, it wasn't for Starship Troopers), I don't think it's a touchy subject for the guy. So, what would NHP NPH do? I guess we'll see come April, when Harold & Kumar 2 hits theaters.

*apparently I suffer from dyslexia.