Some people who know me might think I'm lying when I say this, the truth is, I really don't like conflict all that much (I guess that's why I ended up following my childhood dream of writing for a living, instead of the law school path I contemplated for a while -- whew, dodged a bullet there). I guess that's why this whole business with the ongoing battle between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) makes me tense. I really just want someone to handle the conflict the way I do when my kids fight with each other ... just sit them all down, listen to both sides, and then work out a resolution that everyone can live with. And if that doesn't work, duct-tape their hands together and make them stay fastened to each other until they work it out (Kidding about the duct-tape, heh -- I would never do that to my kids! Handcuffs are much less likely to cause permanent damage).

But before we delve into the heavier fare, just for fun and levity, let's take a look back at one of my all-time favorite short films, Jason Reitman's Consent -- only this time, as you're watching it, imagine that the girl is the WGA and the guy is the AMPTP. It makes the whole writer's strike thing much more palatable if you play this short in your head every time you read anything about it that starts to make your brain bleed.

Maybe they just need to fire all the lawyers and get a nice, granola-crunchy mediator in there ... perhaps the Center for Non-Violent Communication could jump into the fray and send Marshall Rosenberg to teach them all some positive communication skills and how to use consensus. That's not likely to happen, though, in a business where contracts have fine print for the fine print, so in the meantime, the rest of us (who pretty much just want to enjoy our movies and whatever television programs we've gotten hooked on this season) are left to ponder the meaning of residuals, and new media payouts, and keep up with the seemingly endless flow of gossip that's ever so much more interesting than the actual negotiations probably are.

If you, like me, are finding it a challenge to keep up with it all, you might find this round-up of news, gossip and opinions from people who know much more than I ever will about the business side of Hollywood helpful in getting up to speed on the whole AMPTP vs. WGA kerfuffle.

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