I bet that when Reese Witherspoon took on the role of June Carter Cash, she never imagined that Heather Mills would be looking to approach her for another biopic (just as I imagine Scarlett never dreamed she'd be the object of Jenna's biopic dreams). Believe it or not, the Daily Mail says that Mills is heading to Hollywood to get a biopic in the works, and she wants Witherspoon to star. I can kind of see it, in that they're both blonde and thin, and I guess aging Reese would be easier than trying to wipe years off Heather Locklear, Mills' original choice.

But why a biopic? The Daily Mail is framing it as some sort of revenge scenario, noting that her divorce settlement deadline has passed, and that she's now going to fight ugly not only in court, but in the media. Sources say she's heading for Larry King for an interview where she "will not hold back," and she's also going to meet with writer/producer Robert von Dassanowsky about a biopic. Another source says she's been working on it for a while, and was going to forget about it when a settlement looked likely, but "the script was dusted off pretty rapidly over the weekend."

This could all be nonsense, as Mills has been the target of a myriad of fabricated stories, but if it isn't, I really hope this doesn't get made. Be scorned, be ticked, but don't go the tell-all route on film. That's just tacky. Besides, if this project is real and isn't being made out of revenge, there could be a decent story in there -- her younger struggles, the world of modeling, the car accident, marrying an ex-Beatle -- it's not like she goes to a 9-to-5 job, has a TV dinner, watches television, and goes to sleep every day.
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