And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger when your car alarm goes off in the middle of the night! Okay, so this isn't exactly what was said in Pulp Fiction, but I thought that particular Sam Jackson rant was appropriate for this story. Way back in March of 2006, Cinematical posted that director Henry Bean was setting out to make a dark comedy called Noise, with Tim Robbins in the lead. Now the film is finished, and it is starting to get acclaim on the fest circuit, so now comes all the interviews and news that fills in the blanks.

Reuters recently talked with Bean about the film, and while it is fictional, the director says it's based on his own life. Bean used to get so ticked off about car alarms screeching in the middle of the night that he would break into the cars and disable the alarms -- which landed him in jail. Instead of staying in his cycle of stress-influenced crime, he decided to make Noise.

Robbins plays David, "an upper-class family man driven insane by New York's loud sounds -- grinding garbage trucks, horns honking, back-up beepers and worst of all, car alarms squealing at all hours." He is so infuriated by the racket that he becomes a vigilante called "The Rectifier" and declares war on the alarms. Not surprisingly, he ends up in jail, almost loses his marriage, and then continues the fight legally, although he's stopped by "the city's slimy mayor, played by William Hurt, forcing David to resort to an extreme strategy to make his point."

Hopefully the flick will get picked up and the rest of us can see it soon. But in the meantime, which loud noises would you like to become a vigilante over? Personally, there was this garbage truck where I used to live that would come in the middle of the night to pick up garbage and recycling from the neighboring bar -- oh, how I would've loved to silence that back-up noise. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep....
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