It's an awesome week for DVD collectors: new box sets devoted to Stanley Kubrick and Mario Bava; new Criterion Collection versions of Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, Terence Malick's Days of Heaven and John Huston's Under the Volcano; new editions of Russian silent classic Battleship Potemkim, Brit schoolboy classic O Lucky Man!, horror "classic" Hellraiser, bizarre and wondrous animation Fantastic Planet and the first appearance of paranoid conspiracy thriller Executive Action on DVD.

On the indie side of things, Wild Style gets a 25th Anniversary Edition from Rhino. Director Charlie Ahearn captured rap in its South Bronx infancy, expressed in words, music, dance and subway graffiti. This is a vital, exciting doc. The latest DVD features an audio commentary plus bonus material and deleted scenes provided by Ahearn.

Dog Bite Dog (pictured) is a terrific, ferocious, dark and dank Hong Kong action pic that taps into the worst impulses of cops chasing criminals. It's a throwback to early 90s adult thrillers ("Category III" by Hong Kong rating standards) with standout performances by Sam Lee as an insanely dedicated inspector and Edison Chen as a feral, imported assassin. Cheang Pou-Soi directed. Dragon Dynasty's two-disk special edition features audio commentary by Chen and industry vet Bey Logan and five "making of" features. Note that Dragon Dynasty rental editions, featured exclusively at Blockbuster, only include one disk.

Coming of age tale Nearing Grace features Gregory Smith as a likable hero, Jordana Brewster as a teen vixen, and David Morse and David Moscow as family members falling apart . It's a modest period drama, set in 1978, with modest charms that never transcends its familiar premise, but is pleasant viewing if you're in a nostalgic mood or a fan of the actors. Look for the DVD from Vivendi Visual Entertainment.