Well, it's official: After watching the latest trailer for the Omega Man update, I Am Legend, I can safely say that I am now looking forward to this movie. Worstpreviews.com is hosting the new trailer for the sc-fi thriller about the last man on earth left to do battle with fellow survivors of a cannibalistic plague. WB has managed to improve their poster art for the film, so I guess they thought they would apply the same mentality to their trailers. The first trailer release back in June was much more focused on the drama angle of the film. This time, its all about the thrills -- and it definitely succeeds (although I probably could have done without the shots of Will Smith in full science-guy mode; lab coat and all).

Directed by Francis Lawrence, Smith stars as the survivor of a plague battling to find a cure before he is overrun by some pretty nasty fellow survivors. The script was written by Poseiden's Mark Protosevich, and Smith is joined by Salli Richardson and Alice Braga, but the trailer makes it very clear: this movie is all about Will Smith. Personally, I think he can carry it off, but that might just be me. So don't worry if this trailer has not sated your appetite for all things Legend. DC comics still has graphic novels on the way, and you can already play a MMO through Second Life courtesy of WB and The Electric Sheep. I Am Legend hits theaters on December 14th, 2007.