"Live for nothin' ... or die for somethin.' Your call ..." I'm sorry, and I really have nothing to gain by throwing love at this movie, but Rambo IV (or Rambo, as I think it's now being called) looks to be all kinds of awesome. I'm really impressed with Sylvestor Stallone and what he's managed to do with his Rocky and Rambo franchises. While you might view him as some big, dumb, fading action star, he's actually a really smart guy and a terrific writer. Unlike this past summer's Live Free or Die Hard, Stallone isn't bringing Rambo into the new century and asking him to stand on a jet and dodge flying cars. He's keeping the story simple, setting it in yet another exotic -- but tremendously violent -- location, and serving up plenty of realistic balls-to-the-wall action.

We've already witnessed some footage from the flick, but it appears an official trailer has just landed online. I guess it becomes official when you have that deep-voiced guy reading lines over the action. And the film definitely looks to be a throwback to the way action films used to look, back before folks tried to impress us with ridiculous, far-fetched special effects. This is Rambo in the jungle. It's bloody, it's powerful and it looks like so much fun to watch. I've included the trailer above (there will be some grey to start out with, but stay with it -- the trailer will kick in), so let us know what you think. Rambo arrives in theaters on January 25, 2008.