In June, Gold Circle Films bought the rights to The Arcanum, which had previously been picked up by Miramax in 1999. Maybe they were afraid of another high-profile flop like The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, since this project treads on similar territory. Whatever the case, it was a project looking for a more loving home, and Gold Circle is certainly providing that. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the company has already found the project's helmer -- writer/director Randall Wallace (The Man in the Iron Mask). He's going to be polishing the script and then sending it out to the world of casting.

I'm really, really hoping they do something cool with this, because the idea is great. Adapted from a novel by Thomas Wheeler, Arcanum is set in 1919 and "follows Arthur Conan Doyle as he leads a secret society known as the Arcanum -- whose members include magician Harry Houdini, voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, and horror writer H.P. Lovecraft -- against a powerful supernatural force that threatens the world." Sure, it could very easily stink like League, which disappointed me greatly, but there's always a chance for this one to rise from the ashes of apprehension. And it can start with great casting. Personally, I'd like to see Robert Downey Jr. take on Houdini, and would be easy-going to the casting of the rest. But how about you? These are some pretty distinct people, so who do you think should play them?
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