You might have caught the news last week that the Barbarella remake was in trouble because Universal reportedly wasn't going to spend $100 million on a sci-fi, sexy-time romp with Rose McGowan. Sources claimed that Robert Rodriguez wasn't listening to everyone who warned him that Rose couldn't pull it off. IESB then went to Rodriguez about this whole mess, and he says the problem has always been the budget, and not the casting. He even says that the project might go back to Universal, and that they'll know in the next week. It should, because there's absolutely no reason that RR can't make this picture super cheap -- he's the king of making little money work.

Of course, I'm not witnessing this all first-hand, but it seems to me like McGowan has become the scapegoat for money issues. Why say Universal thinks the price is too steep when you can blame it all on the sinister woman tugging at the strings behind the scenes? Yawn. We're talking about a goofy cult classic here! This isn't some big production where McGowan's casting is completely surprising. If Rodriguez had cast her in a serious period piece about Eleanor Roosevelt, then I'd get it. Heck, I'd be on the whipped bandwagon myself, scheming up ways to bring Rodriguez to his senses (and I'm a McGowan fan), but this is super space babe Barbarella, and there's nothing irrational about thinking Rose should play her. McGowan is at her best when she's campy, sexy, and tough, so until Robert tries to cast her in something else, why blame the relationship?
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