Taking on this story, I must be a masochist. Why? Seeing the name Billy Ray Cyrus, and that face of his, sends me back to a dark time, one that I should never revisit. Achy Breaky Heart had just come out; it was everywhere -- Billy Ray was in that cowboy hat and singing his way out of country obscurity and into super stardom, and my friend loved it -- but 'love' doesn't even come close to describing it. She sung it to me over, and over, and over again, with verve and crazy fanaticism, just like she had years before with Step by Step. Now, years later, Billy Ray is going to hit the stage on the big screen, with a High School Musical star to boot.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Cyrus and Olesya Rulin will star together in Jim Amatulli's indie drama -- Flying By. Billy Ray will play "a businessman who risks his marriage, family, and fortune to pursue his dream of being in a rock band." (At least there won't be any Achy Breaky then.) Rulin will co-star as his daughter, who supports his dreams, Robert Gossett (The Closer) and arse-less chaps man Eric Allan Kramer (American Wedding) have already signed on to play his bandmates, Ted Hutton will play a club booker, and Patricia Neal (Hud) is in final negotiations to play his mother. There's no word about who he'll be married to. The film will jump into production on November 26 in San Diego, and in the meantime, Cyrus has his kid's television show, Hannah Montana, and a new album, while Rulin has some time with Jessica Simpson in Major Movie Star.
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