So Jessica Biel won't be taking on the world of Wonder Woman -- wearing a swimsuit-like outfit, some powerful accessories, and swinging that golden lasso around. Instead, she's going to star in a crime thriller that she's also producing. Variety reports that she'll lead Die a Little, an adaptation of Megan Abbott's noir novel. Marcia and Geoffrey Blake are currently writing the script, but no director has been picked. Now this could've been a pretty cool alternative if it was a faithful adaptation -- the book is set in 1954, and the cover has that old-school noir look. However, while the film will still be set in LA, it will be modernized and set in the present day.

The book is about an orphaned brother and sister, Bill and Lora King, who live together into adulthood -- until DA investigator Bill falls for Alice Steele, a damsel in distress with a mysterious past. They get married, but schoolteacher Lora is suspicious and decides to investigate. Wryly referring to herself as a Nancy Drew, she finds a frightening story involving the usual suspects -- sex, drugs, corruption, and murder. As for who Jessica Biel will play -- I guess that depends on whether she's going to be the good or bad girl -- Variety didn't say who.

But really, it's pretty disappointing that they won't keep this as a noir thriller. If it's a money concern, with all the hassles of creating a period piece, then maybe they should be looking for a different project, not ripping this story out of its context. The only way I could see this potentially living up to its material, and still be modernized, is if they give it that Twin Peaks sort of feel, where there are modern elements, but within a retro-timeless context. But that's just me. What would you prefer: retro noir, or present-day investigating?
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