After exploring Pan's Labyrinth, Ivana Baquero decided to sign on for her first English-speaking role back in April, another thriller called The New Daughter. The project comes from a short story by John Connolly, and it was adapted by John Travis. Now, months later, they've got a director, Luiso Berdejo, and they've finally found her pops. It's... Kevin Costner? He's going to play a dude named John James -- "a single father who moves to a farm with his two kids after a painful divorce. Soon, his daughter (Baquero) starts behaving ominously, and Dad begins to suspect that the burial mound in a nearby field might have something to do with it." Pet Sematary and The Exorcist... For little children!

Anyhow, I know that Baquero is talented; does this talent also already include pitch-perfect accents? Or did they live overseas until the divorce? Or maybe she was adopted right before the parental split and got the short end of the stick -- what with new families, divorce, and then some sort of demon possession. Costner is just about the last person I ever imagined for the role of Ivana's dad. Unless he is the one who needs a new accent. I don't know. Whatever the case, it should be interesting. The Upside of Anger is probably my favorite Costner role, at least, it's the first one I really liked him in, so I can only imagine what Baquero can bring out in him. Production is slated to begin next year.
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