She's 35 and he's 20, but in this film he's 17 ... and she's his wife? Before you Zac Efron fans go a little nuts with this news, you should know that I'm talking about his new film 17, which is like a reversal of the Tom Hanks film Big in that Efron's character was an adult (who was in his thirties and married to Leslie Mann), but then because of (insert crucial plot point here), he becomes 17 again and must somehow navigate his way through the war zone that is high school. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Mann, who recently played wife to Paul Rudd in Knocked Up, will star opposite Efron in the New Line teen comedy.

Jason Filardi (Bringing Down the House) wrote the script and Burr Steers (Igby Goes Down) will direct, while Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot produce. I'm not sure how exactly they'll handle this one -- will the 17-year-old kid be able to convince his wife that he's, well, her husband? And if so, will they ... do stuff? And since Efron's adult self is married, does that mean we won't see a teen romance blossom and then fall apart once it's time for him to go back to being old? Will he go back to being old? Part of what made Big so touching and emotional was when he had to say goodbye to this older, adult romance in order to transform back into a kid again. Granted, teen romances aren't as -- how shall I say -- poignant, but I'll be curious to see how they go about it. Is he running away from a struggling marriage? Will being 17 again help revive the relationship, and bring a little more energy into the equation. And will Efron break out into song at some point? These are the questions we need answered people! I guess we'll have to wait until 17 arrives in theaters at some point next year.

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