Ah, the wonderful, tasty gobble of a turkey -- brined birds and sausage stuffing have helped to make Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays, due to its delicious, gluttonous ways. I wish I could tell you that this indie flick is going to be a rousing film to watch after the bustle of Thanksgiving football, but it looks like this is just a political turkey. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Plum Pictures has signed on for Craig Zobel'sTurkey in the Straw, which he co-wrote with Barlow Jacobs and will direct.

is a black comedy set in the South, but instead of focusing on Paula's home cooking and strange marshmallow, yams, and coconut balls, it's about "a race for county commissioner in a small town that takes an unexpected turn when one candidate shoots the other." I'll be completely on-board with this if they take the Zell Miller route and demand a duel, because sometimes there's nothing funnier than a little taste of reality to instigate the fiction. Whatever the case, production is set to begin in early 2008 in South Carolina.

This film was picked up by Plum the same day that Zobel's last film, a music satire called Great World of Sound, nabbed three Gotham nominations. Considering the fact that it already won the three other awards that it has been nominated for, methinks we'll be hearing a lot more about Zobel, Sound, and this Southern Turkey in the future. But you might have already seen his work -- he's one of the Homestar Runner guys, and invented Strong Sad and Pom Pom.
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