Mmmm! There's nothing quite like a helping of George W. Bush to get the blood pumping and fill your head with visions of lust and romance...right? No? Okay, maybe only if you're Laura Bush. Nevertheless, a documentary made about his 2000 presidential campaign, Journeys with George, is going to be made into a fictional movie. Reuters reports that filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House), is going to adapt her doc into a romance, at the urging of Steven Zaillian -- the Oscar-winning writer of Schindler's List. I guess if there's anyone to convince someone of writing something, it'd be him!

Zaillian says that he saw a Devil Wears Prada tone to the documentary, and convinced the filmmaker to make her screenwriting debut with the material. "Alexandra is a talented documentary filmmaker and a great raconteur. She's been places and seen and done things few of the rest of us have, and I'm excited she's decided to share her insider perspective and gift for storytelling with us in a screenplay." The movie will focus on "a young, impressionable news producer who finds herself dealing with the challenges of life and love in the midst of covering a presidential campaign." It's even scored itself a first-look deal with Sony Pictures, so this could become a big deal if the script works out. Good luck, Pelosi!
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