So even though Jamie Foxx hasn't had the bestyear when it comes to picking critically acclaimed flicks, some of his projects for 2008 definitely have potential. Varietyreports that Foxx will star in the true life crime drama The Zebra Murders for Dreamworks. Foxx will play Earl Sanders, one of the policemen responsible for apprehending the murderers, and the first African-American police chief in San Francisco.

Between 1973 and 1974 a group of serial killers terrorized San Francisco resulting in the deaths of 16 people. The group were known as "The Death Angels" and were a radical subset of the nationalist group The Nation of Islam. Their twisted logic dictated that they were "expected to kill either nine white men, five white women or four white children" to prove their dedication to their cause. Brad Pitt's Plan B will produce alongside Foxx and Dreamworks will use Matthew Carnahan's (brother to Joe) script based off of Sander's 2006 book, The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness, and Civil Rights.

Carnahan had spoken with Ropes of Silicon about the project last month, telling them the story will focus on the racial tensions in the city. Carnahan told Silicon, "The two cops that were instrumental in catching these six guys were African American themselves, in the middle of being as infuriated and frustrated and pissed off for all the same reasons and all the same causes these guys from the Nation of Islam were". A director has yet to be announced for the project nor have there been any details on when the film will start production. First up for Foxx though, are the musical biopic, The Soloist with Catherine Keener, and another crime drama, Blood on The Leaves with Laurence Fishburne. So I wouldn't be surprised if Foxx pulls himself out of his slump and back up to the podium on Oscar night.

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