"Their crime was against nature ... Nature found them guilty." What a cool tag line! That was part of the advertising scheme for the 1978 Australian film Long Weekend and now Arclight Films hopes to recreate the suspense with a new version starring Jim Caviezel, according to Variety.

The original film was not widely known outside of Australia until Synapse Films released it on DVD in the US two years ago. The release drew rave reviews. The comments of Bill Gibron at DVD Talk were typical: "Instead of giving us monsters and mediocrity, this is a thinking man's badass beast bonanza. The fear derives not from the cranky critters, but from what their newfound anger toward an inconsiderate husband and wife means to the whole of humanity. And the warning is very disturbing indeed."

The late Colin Eggleston directed the first version of Long Weekend, in which a couple experiencing marital woes take a camping trip in the wilderness, hoping to repair their marriage. They come to regret their heedless disregard for nature. Everett De Roche wrote the original and has also crafted the script for the remake, which offers hope that it won't resemble the typical Hollywood remake.

Caviezel will play the husband and Australian actress Claudia Karvan will portray the wife. Jamie Blanks is set to direct. He previously made Urban Legend and Valentine; let's see what he can do with a good script. Long Weekend will start filming in Australia in mid-November.
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