I have to admit, the closer we get to the big-screen version of Hitman, the worse it is starting to look. A new international poster for the best-selling Eidos adaptation has just been released (click on the image for a larger version), and even if I put my personal opinion aside, it's still a pretty tacky-looking poster. Granted, I wasn't the biggest fan of a majority of the poster art that has come out of the project, with the exception of the French one, but it's possible that this one is the ugliest in the bunch so far. Starring Timothy Olyphant (Catch and Release) as the unstoppable Agent 47, the story centers on a political conspiracy with a damsel in distress. All the while, our hero tries to uncover his past. The adaptation was written by Skip Woods, and when you consider what happened to his otherprojects, it's not a stretch to say that the guy seems to be working under a curse lately.

Bad news for Hitman fans started to pile up back in August. First, 20th Century Fox announced that the film's release date was being pushed back, and then there were rumors that director Xavier Gens was being pulled from the project. Talk of the film going for a PG-13 rating seemed like a recipe for disaster -- for goodness sake the movie is called Hitman, what exactly was he supposed to do for two hours? Tend to his tomato plants? Luckily it all turned out be idle gossip and Fox confirmed that Gens was still attached to the project and that the film would be maintaining what they call, "a hard R'. Hitman will arrive in theaters on November 21st.