Over at Paramount Vantage, they've posted on a public site the scripts for their potential Oscar-contenders: A Mighty Heart, Into the Wild, The Kite Runner, and Margot at the Wedding. And as Ray Pride over at Movie City Indie very kindly points out to the rest of us, you can also get to the script for There Will Be Blood(goody goody goody!) by getting a little tricksy and just following the URL format of the other films.

I don't like to read scripts for movies I haven't seen, generally, but once I've seen a film (particularly if I like it), I do love to go back and read the script; it's endlessly fascinating to me to see how a film starts out as the bare bones of a script, and then how that script gets fleshed out and translated to the screen, to see where the screenwriter's vision ends and the director's begins (when they're two separate people at least -- presumably if it's the same person, the vision doesn't change as much). Then again, I'm a total film dork, and I get fascinated by all kinds of things about film that a lot of people would probably find strange or boring.

Anyhow, I've been reading the scripts for Into the Wild and There Will be Blood... it's always rather interesting to read the script and match it up in my head against the film, and see where things changed from the vision of the script. Do you like to read scripts, either before or after seeing the film?
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