Wow, you would think if a top secret military installation was going to pick a name, they would have went with something a little more original than Area 52. Varietyreports that comic book producer Chris Bender and JC Spink (also known under the catch moniker of Benderspink) have hired Steven Miller to direct a feature film version of Image Comic's Area 52. First time screenwriter Jack Phillips wrote the script about "a storage facility in Antarctica that houses top-secret alien wares after Nevada's Area 51 is done testing them, an Army nurse must restore order after a mercenary attack has unleashed a menacing terror".

Miller is a relative newcomer and has been shopping around his first feature, Automaton Transfusion, to various festivals. Benderspink on the other hand have a good amount of comic book adaptations under their belt, so they appear to be a little more experienced when it comes to these things. Benderspink are the production team behind a variety of upcoming comic book flicks, including Y, the Last Man with Disturbia director, DJ Caruso and New Line, and the Scott Chirstian Sava comic, Pet Robots for Disney. Last but not least, they will produce The Ghouly Boys for Mandate and Howard Chaykin's Power and Glory. Glory was originally in development at Touchstone back in 2001, but reportedly got the bump for being just a tad too similar to M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable (New Line has since picked up the project). Casting for Area 52 has yet to begin, but now that a director is on board, it shouldn't be long.
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