Not for nothing, but if I was going to do something really cool like merge a Predator with an Alien for the first time, I'm not sure I would reveal a ton of pics of the thing before the movie comes out. Ya know, leave a little to the imagination -- tease people, make them cough up the dough to see more. But I'm not in charge, and since these crazy photos just arrived courtesy of USA Today, it's my job to bring them to you. That said, USA Today has a gallery full of movie stills featuring the new Predalien, a mix-up job of the Predator and Alien that looks absolutely terrifying. Seeing this photo reminds me of Wednesday's South Park episode, where the Alien and Predator wreak havoc in imagination land. Too bad this thing wasn't around yet; the boys would've had a field day.

Looking for some fun Predalien facts? How about this one: "Unlike the original aliens, the predalien doesn't lay eggs, which are then transported by a 'face hugger.' The new creature can just regurgitate in its victim's mouth." Yum. Talk about using a bit too much tongue. Directed by Colin and Greg Strause, the brothers are intent on making this one "as serious and dark as the originals." According to them, they've cut back significantly on the special effects, saying, "You're not going to see 50 digital creatures running around. We want to bring the franchise back to basics. That's what made them so frightening in the first place." I totally agree, and I truly hope the brothers score a hit with AVP2. What do you think of the Predalien? Is it spooky enough? Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem arrives in theaters Christmas Day. (Leave cookies out for Santa? Check. Open presents with the kids? Check. Watch a Predalien regurgitate into its victims mouth? Triple check!)

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