Last week I brought you what I thought was the final list for the 2008 After Dark Horrorfest, but since that time the event A) tossed out Unearthed, B) added a flick called Crazy Eights, C) removed Frontiere(s) from the mix, and D) wedged Unearthed back on to the slate. So what's going on here?

Apparently Xavier Gens' Frontiere(s) (review here) did not receive an R rating from the MPAA, which means (for some reason) that After Dark / Lionsgate won't release it for the festival. Call me nuts, but didn't last year's After Dark trailer promise movies that were "too extreme" for mainstream? And now they ashcan a solid horror flick instead of trying to go "unrated" with it? Then again, After Dark chief Courtney Solomon hasn't made many friends over at the MPAA. It was his advertising gimmick "faux pas" on Captivity that angered the ratings board a few months back. (More on that here.)

Apparently the plan is to give Frontiere(s) its very own release date, precisely like After Dark did with The Abandoned. But if they won't release it "unrated" for the Horrorfest, then what are the odds that Lionsgate will go "unrated" on a later theatrical release? (Very slim?) Or maybe I'm just annoyed because I saw Frontiere(s), dug it, and now believe that Horrorfest jettisoned a really fine flick from their line-up. Impatience aside, as long as Solomon and Lionsgate plan don't snip the flick down, then they're doing the right thing.

After the jump: The full press release on the After Dark Horrorfest.
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