The Comebacks may not have exactly wreaked havoc at the box office like those immigrant vampires trying to take all the good blood in 30 Days of Night, but at least it inspired a fair amount of caption comedy for last week's contest. That should put a few studio execs at ease (is laughter not the best medicine for the absence of laughter?). And as much as we wanted to give away a romantic getaway with David Koechner, we're hoping a tee-shirt, Frisbee, cup (again, to sip from, not put the junk in) and more goodies from the movie will suffice for our three winners below.

The Comebacks1. "This was the moment Carl remembered why he and David aren't friends anymore." -- Eric W.

2. "Don't worry, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
-- Joel C.

3. "Okay, coach, but I better make first string this year."
-- Wayne A.

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This week we're in Halloween mode with a pic from the sprinting zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later, which released on DVD earlier this month. Writers of our three favorite captions will win the DVD and a signed poster from the movie. Don't worry, it's not signed in blood. Good luck, and a heads up: We have another MASSIVE giveaway launching next week that involves foreign travel and free-ness. Sadly, no David Koechner, however. Look for the big announcement next Thursday, November 1 at 4 PM EST.

28 Weeks Later