Well, it might not be the best idea for a video game movie I've heard lately, but I will say this: at least it's better than Joust. Varietyreports that The Animation Picture Co. has optioned the rights to an animated big-screen version of the Vivendi platform game, Spyro the Dragon. The best-selling game (from a franchise that has earned over $50 million dollars over the years) centered on a winged purple dragon that suffered from the usual hassles of any platform game protagonist -- collecting gems, evil sorcerers; you know, just another day at the office. A director has not been chosen yet, but Steve and Dan Altiere (Dr. Doolittle 4) have already been hired to write a script. The story will be based on the recently re-launched Legend of Spyro trilogy.

The first installment was released back in 1998 and has spawned numerous sequels. Some extra fun facts for game aficionados out there: Stewart Copeland of The Police fame was responsible for the first game's soundtrack and Gary Oldman provided voice talent for The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning back in '06 (what did we ever do without Wikipedia?). I remember playing Spyro a few times and the most I can remember is this: collect coin, jump, fly, collect egg, double jump -- not exactly the makings of a tale of epic sacrifice. I can only assume that this will be a kid's movie, considering who is already involved. Plus, it's not like we are dealing with battles and high body counts; he is just a little purple dragon after all. APC have just finished (inexplicably, I might add) a Garfield movie with creator Jim Davies (Garfield Gets Real) and have already lined up another one (Garfield's Fun Fest) before heading off to start production on Spyro.
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