I really don't want to jinx it if I'm right, but could we, just possibly, be diving into a new era where Cuba Gooding Jr. doesn't take on crap role after crap role? Man, I hope so. His serious acting career seems like a distant memory, but things might be a-changing. Sure, this year's Cuba stints have included Norbit and Daddy Day Camp (although I give him props for the latter, since it was directed by Fred Savage), but now he's got a part in the soon-to-be-released American Gangster. Following that, he has three projects on the pike -- 2 dramas and a decent-sounding comedy, Harold. Not too shabby.

Topping off this better-sounding sundae, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Gooding Jr. will star in the upcoming action thriller The Way of War, coming from the Fatwa team Scott Schafer (writer) and John Carter (director). Not too much is being said about the plot, other than producer Nick Thurlow noting: "John Carter and Scott Schafer have crafted a political thriller with deep resonance for our times." So basically, it's some sort of war movie, and maybe terrorists, oil, or something similar will be involved. Thurlow also discussed Cuba's casting, saying: "With his intensity and ability to take a character to the edge, the part is tailor-made for Cuba, and we're excited to have him aboard." That's not something we hear every day, but it's bringing me back to the good old days of Cuba, so I don't mind. Are we approaching the new wave of Cuba Gooding Jr.?
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