The first set of official photos from the upcoming comic adaptation of Wanted have hit the net, courtesy of Empire. Among the pics, we get this pretty dazzling image of Angelina Jolie hanging off the side of a car blasting a flame thrower. I'm sure those who loved Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith will adore her even more in Wanted; here she plays a badass (not to mention sexy) assassin named The Fox. Apart from Jolie, the photos also give us our first look at fellow co-stars Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy and David O'Hara, who plays a villain named Mr. X. Based on the series of comic books written by Mark Millar (who probably would've created a wonderful new Superman flick ... if the powers that be allowed him to do so, that is), Wanted was directed by Timur Bekmambetov (Day Watch) in his first big, balls-to-the-wall Hollywood flick.

The film follows a regular Joe (McAvoy) who works some mindless job until he meets up with The Fox (Jolie) and Sloan (Morgan Freeman), who teach the young man how to harness the same powers his recently-deceased father (who was also a great assassin named The Killer) possessed. I have a feeling this movie will surprise a lot of people, and the images we're seeing so far look pretty insane (especially the one of Mr. X). I never had a chance to read Wanted, though I hear a lot of the characters are based on other, more popular DC villains. If Bekmambetov (say that ten times fast) hits this one out of the park, I'm sure he'll be called upon for similar comic duty in the years to come. Wanted arrives in theaters on March 28.

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