Could Paris Hilton become the next major movie star? Stranger things have happened (give me a few hours to come up with one), and the girl already has two flicks arriving in theaters next year -- both of which are extremely opposite of one another. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Regent Releasing has picked up all North American rights on Hilton's romantic comedy The Hottie or the Nottie with plans to throw it into theaters on February 8 ... right before Valentine's Day. Yay! Because there's nothing I prefer more than seeing a Paris Hilton flick and then taking my significant other out for a splendid dinner.

In case you're at all wondering about The Hottie and the Nottie, the film follows a guy (Joel David Moore) who's been in love (or, as HR puts it, "obsessed") with the same girl (Hilton) since first grade. But in order to win her love or a date or a cheap one night stand, our hero must find a date for the hottie's not-so-hot best friend (as played by Christine Lakin -- who, funnily enough, is hotter than Hilton in real life). I'm not sure where this wild flick is going to go from there, but I'm sure we're in for plenty of hilarity and bad acting on Hilton's part. I can imagine director Tim Putnam now, giving cues to Hilton: "Okay, so just look hot. Don't act, simply read the lines ... and be hot." Movie magic at its finest, folks.

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