Warner Brothers has assigned Greg Berlanti to direct a feature film version of the DC Comics character Green Lantern according to a report from Variety. Based on Berlanti's resume which includes mostly TV work (executive producer and/or writer on Everwood, Dirty Sexy Money, and Dawson's Creek) as well as helming the 2000 feature The Broken Hearts Club, he certainly wouldn't have been my choice to helm the adventures of the Emerald Warrior, but I'm going to keep an open mind for now. Several of the other people involved with the project have done work that makes me think these guys may know what they're doing. Co-writing the script with Berlanti are Marc Guggenheim, who has written the Marvel comic books Amazing Spider-man, Wolverine and Blade, and Michael Green, who is a co-executive producer on NBC's Heroes and has written Superman/Batman for DC Comics. Donald De Line, will produce the picture.

The Green Lantern character has been through several incarnations since his creation in 1940 by cartoonist Martin Nodell. Probably the best known (and presumably the subject of this movie) is Hal Jordan, greatest member of an intergalactic peace keeping force who use their power rings to bring justice to every corner of the universe. As originally drawn by Nodell, however, Green Lantern was a man named Alan Scott whose high collared cape and red pirate shirt contrasted with the green and black tights that became the standard when the Hal Jordan incarnation was introduced in 1959. Hal Jordan spent several years being dead (though he eventually got better) and was replaced by Kyle Rayner. Other Green Lanterns have included John Stewart (the ring wielder from Cartoon Network's Justice League series) and Guy Gardner who I best remember as a humorous lunatic from the Justice League comics of the 1980s. No word on casting or how this film will tie in with the hotly anticipated live action Justice League of America movie.
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