Juno which movie I'm particularly eager to see this holiday season? That's right: Fred Claus. But also, Juno! The comedy about a teenage girl dealing with an unwanted pregnancy has earned nothing but raves since it premiered at Telluride in September and subsequently played at Toronto. Cinematical's Kim Voynar loved it, as did our Scott Weinberg; so did Peter Sciretta at Slash Film, and Shane Hazen at Hollywood Chicago, and Todd McCarthy at Variety, and, um, everyone else who reviewed it.

Now comes word that Juno has earned another distinction, winning the top prize at the Rome Film Festival on Saturday. Star Ellen Page, screenwriter Diablo Cody, and director Jason Reitman all were praised by audiences, critics, and the jury, which comprised 50 average moviegoers.

Accepting the award, Reitman said, "They say you don't really know another culture until you can make them laugh, so to hear your laughter it warms my heart and makes me feel that perhaps we are closer than we all think."


In case you missed it, Erik Davis told us a few days ago that Juno's release date has been moved up to Dec. 5, and that Fox Searchlight has scheduled a shload of free screenings throughout November (though none in Portland or Seattle: BOO!). So we'll be able to find out soon enough just how good this thing is.
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