Well for the sake of all of the naysayers out there, I hope they're finally used to the idea of Daniel Craig as James Bond because it looks like the guy's going to be around for a long time. The Hollywood Reporterspoke with MGM head Harry Sloan about the current state of the strike and other MGM business activity. According to THR , Sloan spoke about the importance of a successful franchise, calling them, "the base of any studio"and that is why he "signed Daniel Craig to do four more James Bond films". Most fans were already aware that Craig signed to return as Bond for the 22nd installment, but four more films is a big commitment. My guess is that MGM is securing Craig just in case ... Zac Efron needs a few more years? At least this way they won't have to go through another grueling casting process. Personally , I couldn't be happier; I was a big fan of Craig's take on the super spy, as I'm sure a lot of you were.

Bond 22 is already well underway and principal photography is set to begin this January, after the date was pushed back from December to accommodate any lost time due to the strike. Filming will take place on location in Italy, Austria, Panama and South Africa, as well as some studio work back in the UK on the newly christened 007 stage. Plus, there are still plenty of little details to work out: there's the matter of a new Bond girl, a title, and a theme song. Heck, it's possible (and likely) that Paul Haggis' script isn't finished since there's been talk of re-writes. Regardless, Bond 22 is set for release in November 2008.

[via Firstshowing.net]
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