Word has it the Watchmen set visit over the weekend was ridiculously awesome. Glad to hear the film is coming along well. But since Watchmen isn't coming out until 2009, we cannot include it here. 2008 will arrive along with a few interesting comic book-related films. The first to hit will be Iron Man (May 2, 2008), which will mark the character's first live-action big screen appearance. The Incredible Hulk (June 13, 2008) follows, and this will be the second time in five years we're seeing the Hulk, only this won't be a straight sequel -- it'll be a "re-do." Then you have The Dark Knight (July 18, 2008), which is a sequel, but from another set of Batman-related flicks directed by Christopher Nolan. On a slightly smaller scale, you have Angelina Jolie's Wanted (March 28, 2008), Hellboy II: The Golden Army (July 11, 2008) and The Punisher: War Zone. I'm sure there are a few other smaller pics that are based on graphic novels, and there are some that were originally slated for 2008 but will most likely shift to 2009 -- but these are your primary comic book/superhero flicks for 2008.

So far, The Dark Knight seems to be doing the best job at early marketing, setting up a viral website (www.whysoserious.com) that they're using to unveil little nuggets about the film. Currently, a burning candle has rested inside a pumpkin, which seems to be counting down to a new reveal on Halloween. The pumpkin is now rotting on one side; could we be getting our first look at Two Face? Additionally, Iron Man has given us a sweet trailer and Favreau has been talking up the project to no end. Guillermo del Toro has let the fanboys go to town on Hellboy II: The Golden Army, as the website and the first few reports from set have already gone live. The only major film to not do a whole lot of promotion has been The Incredible Hulk. This doesn't necessarily mean the film is going to suck, it just means folks are hanging back a tad, waiting for just the right time to unleash their green beast.

So here's my question for you: Based on what you've seen, which comic book/superhero film do you see becoming the most successful (critically and box office-wise) in 2008?

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