It's not like comic book movies are the only game in town, but for the producing duo Benderspink, it certainly appears that way. The Hollywood Reporterannounced that the production company with the bizarre name has purchased the film rights to the graphic novel Drafted. The series was created by Mark Powers and Chris Lie and was published by Devil's Due Publishing (DDP). The story centers on "the human race in the early 21st century, and their encounter with alien beings that need their help in an intergalactic war. Without much choice, the humans of Earth are drafted into the conflict". The comic book has received early praise (the first preview came out in June and the first issues was released back in September. Josh Blaylock of DDP seems to be taking no chances with the fledgling franchise and plans on co-producing the big-screen treatment.

At this point it seems like if a comic book movie is being made out there, Benderspink has something to do with it. The production company first gained notice as the team behind David Cronenberg's History of Violence, but lately, they only seem to be interested in making comic book movies. It is quite the list too, including: Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Power and Glory (also with New Line), Ghouly Boys, Pet Robots with Disney, and finally Preacher with HBO. Just last week, the duo signed a director for Area 52; yet another big-screen comic book property the two have planned. Benderspink are currently on the hunt for a writer and director for Drafted, so stay tuned for any updates that come our way.
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