Bee Movie UnscriptedIn their recent Unscripted interview, Bee Movie co-stars Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger talk about nothing ... except for the reason why Seinfeld's stayed out of movies for so long, Zellweger's ideal Seinfeld character and their secret real estate arrangement. Be sure to check it out.

EnchantedNext up for Unscripted we go from CGI animation to animated characters coming to life, and guess what? McDreamy's in tha house! That's right, Moviefone just confirmed Patrick Dempsey and the lovely and EnchantedAmy Adams. So all you princesses out there, now's your chance to ask your Prince Charming anything you want. We plan on asking Adams to the ball.

To the uninitiated among you, Unscripted is Moviefone's star-on-star video Q&A show in which celebrities interview each other with your questions and some of their own. So stop stalking and start asking, and please provide your first name plus the city and state you live in! Submit your questions here, on the blog post, or send them to brought to you by Verizon Wireless.