I first saw Ed Wood at a midnight screening on opening weekend. Even 13 years ago, I was not much of a midnight-movie person, but I thought the late-night audience would be a lot more fun and responsive to a Tim Burton film than, say, the matinee crowd. It turned out not to matter much. Ed Wood isn't a movie that needs a packed house; although the black-and-white images look fabulous on a big theater screen, the movie is equally enjoyable at home, curled up on the sofa with the one you love and some popcorn or beer, and trying to mimic the Bela Lugosi love-spell hand movements along with the title character, as in the photo above.

Ed Wood is a sweet, touching movie about a guy who likes to make low-budget movies and wear women's clothing -- often at the same time. The movie was released in 1994, back in the day when Johnny Depp had a much smaller cult following of women who swooned over him ... and Ed Wood probably didn't do much to increase that cult unless you liked the look of a guy in angora and lipstick. Tim Burton directed -- his second time working on a feature with Depp. Currently, it is my favorite of all the Burton-Depp films. The script was written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who also worked together on the biopics The People vs. Larry Flint and Man on the Moon.
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