In the latest move to cut down on movie piracy, Walgreen Co. is planning to put out kiosks that will burn "popular movies in drugstore photo departments" next year. The idea is to "increase selection while avoiding piracy," according to Reuters/Washington Post. While they're saying it's for popular movies, the plan is that studios won't have to put all that pesky money into manufacturing, shipping, and storing them, and it will allow customers to get "older and more niche content selections." Niche popular movies? Or, popular movies and niche selections?

Whatever the case, this could be cool to grab obscure movies that you can't get on DVD, but obviously Walgreen isn't going to go to all this effort for some rare indie fare. So, that would leave one to think that at least they'll be cheaper, right? You know, no case and special packaging, so maybe it'd be half the price. Oh, not at all. According to the article, Todd Rosenbaum (Chief Executive of Polar Frog, a kiosk company) says that they're probably not going to discount the DVDs.

If they won't be cheaper, who in their right mind is going to pay the same price to get none of the packaging, and wait 15 minutes for the sucker to burn? (That's how long they say it will take to burn one DVD.) And if someone is already using the machine, would you really wait in line, and then wait for it to burn, just to get an inferior copy of a movie you can get in the store for the same price? (Because I assume it won't be as durable as a direct-from-the-studio disc.) And man, imagine how annoying it would be if you went through all that effort and then had a burning error.

Of course, there's also no mention of special features -- just the actual movie. I could understand a service that allows you to shop for movies online, and then pop by a store to pick up a burned copy, but in this current incarnation, it just doesn't make sense to me. What do you think of this latest anti-piracy move?
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